The Politics of History

Republicans Used to be Liberal, Democrats Conservative

Why Liberals and Conservatives Think Differently, From Someone Who’s Been Both

Which Broadened Freedom For the Oppressed? Liberalism or Conservatism?

The Toolbox of Social Change

Common Issues

The Future of American Politics

Three Thoughts on Democracy

Big Government Programs Actually Prevent Totalitarianism

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ending Democracy is Saving It

Even Oil Companies Know Global Warming is Man-Made

The Last Article on Guns You Will Ever Need to Read

When the U.S. Banned Machine Guns, It Worked

But Abortion!

The Last Article on Abortion You Will Ever Need to Read

The Last Article on the Minimum Wage You Will Ever Need to Read

COVID Showed Americans Don’t Leech Off Unemployment Checks

The Science of Homosexuality

You Can Be Fired For Being Gay in 28 States

It’s That Time of the Myth

The Scope of False Sexual Assault Allegations

Amnesty Solves Conservative Criticisms of Illegal Immigration

Your White Ancestors May Have Immigrated Illegally, Too

Free Market Healthcare is Immoral

Yes, Evolution Has Been Proven

Did Evolution Make it Difficult for Humans to Understand Evolution?

Reconsidering Safe Spaces

The Enduring Stupidity of the Electoral College

On Homeschooling

Giant Corporations Are Not Paying Taxes

The MAIN Reasons to Abolish Student Debt

The Odd Language of the Left

Designing a New Social Media Platform

Slowly Abandoning Online Communication and Texting

Woke Cancel Culture Through the Lens of Reason

Protect Your Relationship From Politics at All Costs

Will the NFL Convert to Flag Football in the Next Century?

Suicide is (Often?) Immoral

On Iran

On Poverty

Just How Bad is American Poverty?

Beyond Bootstraps: Why Poverty is So Hard to Escape

Why 56% of Americans Have Under $1,000 in Savings

U.S., Canadian City Governments Ending Homelessness by Offering Jobs

By Conservatives’ Logic, Nearly All Americans (Including Them) Are Lazy

My Time With Special Needs Children

Recent Events

COVID Proved Social Conditions Largely Determine Our Health

Is Time the Only Cure for COVID Foolishness?

Expanding the Supreme Court is a Terrible Idea

We Just Witnessed How Democracy Ends

Bernie Will Win Iowa

An Absurd, Fragile President Has Revealed an Absurd, Fragile American System

Someone Worse Than Trump is Coming. Much of the Right Will Vote For Him Too.

Let Them Flirt

Why the Women Marched

Trump Did So Well Because Many Conservatives Are Just Like Him

You’re Not a Bigot, You Just Didn’t Care Enough About Those Trump Attacked

The Absurd Sanders-Trump Comparison

Against Trump

On Democracy and Trump’s Nomination

Trump’s Rhetoric is Nothing New

Palin’s Strained Relationship With Reality

Do Republicans Respect Police Opinion?

GOP Favors Government Surveillance Over Firearm Background Checks

Liberals, Conservatives Agree on Watchlist Danger

“Politicizing” the Orlando Shooting is a Matter of Life and Death

McCain Blames Obama For Orlando Shooting

When Fox News Anchors Broke Rank

The History Bernie Made

Two Paths Forward For Sanders

Why Iowa Should Vote Sanders

Will Bernie Sanders Skydive into His Rally?

Tow Truck Driver: God Said Not to Help Disabled Woman Due to Bernie Sticker

Despite Clinton Lead, Polls Still Show Sanders Would Do Best Against Trump

Famous and Feeling the Bern

Sawant Urges Sanders to Form New Party

Bernie Sanders Can Still Win

Clinton and Sanders Battle For the Black Vote

The Youth, the Latino, and the Independent

Sanders Asks Youth to ‘Prove Them Wrong’

Bernie Rising

Mike Rowe Attacks Sanders

Why Iowa?

At the Toss of a Coin

Jumping the Nomination Gun

The Corruption of the DNC

On Clinton

Human Rights Campaign Endorses Clinton, Internet Explodes

On Superdelegates

Maine Democrats to Vote on Eliminating Superdelegates

GOP Attacks Clinton Over Benghazi, But Where Was it After 9/11?

Ben Carson Does Not Do Unto Others

Jill Stein Facing Vandalism Charges After North Dakota Protest

Stein Invites Sanders to Join Green Party Ticket

Johnson Close to Joining Clinton, Trump in Debates

The Three Parties Closest to Breaking the Two-Party System

As an Apology to Barack Obama, Elect a Socialist, a Muslim, then a Foreigner

Obama Urged to Investigate Arizona Vote

The Priests and the Children

Don’t Imprison Teachers For Mentioning Sex

Paul Ryan’s Water

The Poisoning of Flint

The Detroit Water Crisis

Which Religion is the Primary Victim of ISIS Genocide?

Like Jewish Refugees of Old, Syrian Refugees Pose Little Threat

On Taxpayer-funded Christian Colleges’ Anti-Gay Policies

What Isn’t the Matter with Kansas?

Man Who Shot Reagan to Be Freed After 35 Years

Man Who Bombed Birmingham Church, Killing Four Black Girls, Up For Parole

Neil deGrasse Tyson Responds to “Rationalia” Critics

For the “Medicaid 23”

North Korea’s 28 Websites

Getting to Know China

The Androids Are Here

Assad and U.S.-Backed Forces Starving Towns in Syria

Kentucky Judge Refuses to Marry Atheists

Protesters Shut Down Highway in Minneapolis

Prisoners Break Out of Cell to Help Dying Guard

Who Does Clickbait Best? The Answer May Shock You

Scotland, Northern Ireland May Leave U.K. After Brexit

Half a Million Imprisoned for Drugs

Officer Charged in Freddie Gray’s Death Found Not Guilty on All Charges

Burt Kwouk, Cato in the “Pink Panther” Films, Dies

Preschool-Level Book on Evolution Expected to Help Millions of Adults

10,000 Protest at McDonald’s Headquarters in Chicago

GOP Congressmen Ditch Meeting When Politician Reads Bible

Alabama Teacher Gives Math Test Full of Hoes, Drugs, and Murder

Largest Secular Gathering in American History

Petition to Oust Judge in Stanford Rape Case Sees 500 Signatures a Minute

Shooting Spree in Israel Kills Three

Witches Put Hex on Brock Turner

Judge Persky Pulled from Next Sexual Assault Case

Atheists Dub Ken Ham’s Ark Attraction “Genocide and Incest Park”

“Racist McShootface” Ruining George Zimmerman’s Gun Auction

Texas GOP Decides on Independence Vote

Almost Every Detroit Public School Shut Down as Teachers Protest

Missouri State Sued for Dismissing Counseling Student Who Vowed Not to Counsel Gay Couples

Sweden Investigating Possible ISIS Terror Plot

Obama Sending More Troops to Iraq and Syria

GOP Bill Would Cut Minimum Wage to $4.25 for Many in Puerto Rico

Doctor-Assisted Suicide Nears Approval in Canada

Tennessee Poised to Make the Bible its Official State Book

Rob Ford, Controversial Toronto Mayor, Dead at 46

Alabama Bill Seeks Castration for Male and Female Sex Offenders

Jeffrey Lord Defends Belief the KKK is a “Leftist” Group With “Progressive Agenda”

Supreme Court to Rule on Obama’s Immigration Order


Kansas City

We Can End Homelessness in Kansas City Forever

I Was Arrested For Civil Disobedience in Kansas City. Here’s What Happened.

My Disillusionment With Social Justice Organizing in Kansas City

Kansas City Teens to Speak at Democratic Convention

Atheists Sue Kansas City Over Payment to Baptists

Drug Use in Kansas City

Food Stamp Use in Kansas City

Stand Up KC Takes Over Missouri Capitol

Stand Up KC Marches Against Sexual Harassment

Norovirus Hits Kansas City

Even Better Than ‘Angels in the Outfield’

For the Glory of the City

Famous Bands That Sang About Kansas City

Conspiracy Theories

On the JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

On the Roswell-Alien Conspiracy Theory

On the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

On the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory

On the Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory


Abigail Adams Returns From Grave to Destroy Bill O’Reilly

Colonial Courting Rituals Would Be Creepy As Sin Today

What State is Kansas City in? Evil Asshole Paul Rudd Explains

The Devil or the Donald?

First Draft of Trump’s Inauguration Speech Leaked

Baby vs. Baby

Examining the 2016 GOP Platform

Talking to Dead People (and Other Candidate Oddities)

GOP Candidates Get Sexual

Clinton Gets Shredded

The Jesse Williams Speech

The Tomi Lahren Rant

Alligator Policy

Is It Possible For Missouri State to Grow Larger Than Mizzou?

It’s Illegal for Most Public Universities in Missouri to Offer PhDs

Five Ways to Raise MSU’s Profile by 2025

How You Can Help Missouri State Reach an FBS Conference

MSU v. Mizzou

Football as Chess

It’s a Trap! Neither Star Wars Nor Anything Else Hollywood is Coming to Your City

A Star Wars Redo

The Last Jedi

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Is Peak Lazy Writing

When to Stop Watching ‘The Walking Dead’

When to Stop Watching ‘Law & Order: SVU’

What Star Trek Can Teach Marvel/DC About Hero v. Hero Fights

T. Dex

The Imperium

Imperium Script

Church Script


Tribulation’s End

Academic Papers

Raytown and Visitation (2013)

On Student Teaching (2013)

Foundations of Faith: A Comparative Analysis of Kohlberg, Erikson, and Fowler (2012)

One and the Same: A Cultural Comparative Analysis of the Societal Pressures and their Effects upon the Emotional, Social, Behavioral, and Sexual Development of Adolescent Girls in Taiwan, China, and the United States (2012)

Jane Anyon and Social Class (2012)

At Silver City (2012)

Addressing Sexuality (2012)

Merit Pay (2011)

Bilingual Education (2011)

B is for Bribe (2011)

Jonathan Kozol’s Journey (2011)

The Psychology of Pet Ownership (2010)

George Sakoulas (2005)