Famous and Feeling the Bern

College tuition and healthcare paid for through taxes on Wall Street, corporations, and the wealthy. A higher minimum wage. A jobs program for the unemployed. Expanding Social Security. Avoiding expensive, deadly wars. Ending the drug war and legalizing marijuana. Getting money out of politics.

Just when you thought Bernie Sanders and his movement couldn’t get more awesome, you start hearing about an incredible array of actors, musicians, inventors, and authors in his corner. Take a look at the famous persons feeling the bern, and what they’ve done to help Bernie on his way to the White House.



This image of Danny DeVito hugging Bernie Sanders backstage and then introducing him to a roaring crowd in St. Louis, Missouri will always have a special place in our hearts. “I love you guys!” DeVito exclaimed to the audience. “I love you because you’re here to see…Bernie!” No person has ever so relished someone’s name. He then declared, “The man speaks the truth,” followed closely by “We need you, Obi-Wan!”



Spike Lee voiced a radio ad for the Southern primaries called “Wake Up,” calling on voters to select Bernie because he’s not a “corporate puppet” and offers “no flipping, no flopping.” “Bernie takes no money from corporations. Nada. Which means he’s not on the take.” Lee also pointed to Bernie’s participation in Dr. King’s March on Washington and his arrest for protesting segregation in Chicago.



Mark Ruffalo, fierce advocate of environmental protection, spoke after the Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan of Bernie’s new priorities for the country. “What’s happening in Flint is happening in many, many different places. It’s happening in New York, it’s happening in California. Our water is being contaminated. And it’s because we’re not taking care of our resources and our people… For some reason, money is worth more than people… What Bernie Sanders is talking about is a revolution of spirit, a revolution of priorities.”



Josh Hutcherson spoke at a rally in Iowa of Bernie’s plan for taxpayer-funded college tuition. He described how he was able to pay for his brother’s tuition at Georgia Tech, but “not everybody’s lucky. Not everybody has someone that can help out in that way. And for me, I think that if work as hard as my brother worked to become a full-time student, you shouldn’t be burdened with a mountainous pile of school debt.”



In South Carolina, Danny Glover lamented over the disproportionate poverty and imprisonment of blacks. “We know that a quarter of this state lives in poverty… [in South Carolina] African Americans represent 30% of the population, but also represent three-fourths of those incarcerated. We know that. That’s the reality. We want to change that! That’s what this movement is about! This is about changing!”



Rosario Dawson slammed the Democratic National Committee’s use of superdelegates, who could very well betray the Democratic voters and appoint Hillary Clinton the nominee even if Bernie wins the most votes. Dawson pointed out that DNC chair “Deborah Wasserman Schultz said the reason superdelegates exist is specifically to push back against grassroots organizing. So we need to now more than ever…spread the message and talk about our future.”



On Real Time with Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman explained her endorsement with characteristic directness and wit. “He’s not for sale, he’s not playing the game. He says what he means… [He’s] so kickass! Listen, he’s been on the right side of history at every turn. Not going along with history, not when it becomes popular, but before it’s popular.” She then compared Hillary Clinton taking money from big banks and corporations to baseball players who take steroids. “Then someone came along who doesn’t take steroids.”



Rapper Killer Mike sat down with Bernie Sanders for a long and personal interview in Mike’s barbershop. “What pulled me to you was your Voting Rights Act interview where you talked about the restoration of the Voting Rights Act,” Mike said. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘Who the f*ck is this crazy white guy?’…you were the only voice of outrage!” Bernie replied, “You know, I love democracy. I love the fact that in this room if somebody disagrees with me, says, ‘Bernie, you’re full of sh*t, I’m gonna vote against you,’ that’s fine, I love it… [But] as a result of the Supreme Court decision to gut the Voting Rights Act, the day after, [politicians] are sitting up thinking, ‘All right, great, how do we deny people the right to vote?’ They are cowards…because they are afraid to contest a free and fair election. They can’t win it.”



Others supporting Bernie include:

Ben Folds

Susan Sarandon

John C. Reilly

Justin Long

Jeremy Piven


George Lopez

David Koechner

Hans Zimmer

Dr. Cornel West

Steve Wozniak

Neil Young

Patch Adams

Others, such as Ryan Gosling, Seth McFarland, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Noam Chomsky have praised but not endorsed Bernie.

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