Stand Up KC Marches Against Sexual Harassment

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, Stand Up KC, a social justice group advocating a $15 minimum wage, union rights, and better working conditions for all, marched against sexual harassment in the workplace. The action was sparked when two McDonald’s employees filed sexual harassment complaints with the government, one employee a gay man subjected to verbal assaults and the other a woman who was groped.

A group of dozens of fast food workers and allies gathered at the McDonald’s at 31st and Van Brunt at about noon, marching around the facility while chanting opposition to sexual harassment, before journeying across the street for speeches. Speakers included one fast food worker who spoke of being kissed on the job and another who complained of being told to not “spread your legs so much.” Becca Anderson of the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault and State Representative Judy Morgan also spoke.

The common theme was that not enough is being done to prevent nor punish sexual harassment. According to Anderson, 40% of women in fast food experience it.

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