Prisoners Break Out of Cell to Help Dying Guard

A group of prisoners broke out of a cell in the District Courts Building of Weatherford, Texas, on June 23, 2016, to aid a guard suffering from a heart attack, KSDK 5 reports.

The guard, unidentified to the press, standing watch over the group of about 8 inmates, “had been joking with them when he slumped over unconscious.”

The prisoners shouted for help, but when none came smashed out of their cell. Checking for a pulse, they didn’t find one, and continued to shout while pounding on walls.

One inmate said, “[Officers] thought it was a fight. They thought we were taking over.” Another said, “We were worried they’re going to come with guns drawn on us.” The guard had a set of keys and a gun on him, which went untouched.

Officers gave the guard CPR and ushered the prisoners back into their cell. Paramedics sent a shock through the guard’s body, restored his pulse, and rushed him away.

“He could have been there 15 minutes before any other staff walked in and found him,” the police captain said.

The guard survived.

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