Shooting Spree in Israel Kills Three

On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, at least two armed men opened fire in the Sharona Market in Tel Aviv, Israel. Three people were killed and at least seven wounded — one in critical condition, four in serious condition.

The attack, according to an Israeli spokeswoman, occurred in two different locations in the market, which is full of upscale shops and restaurants. Israeli police “neutralized” two gunmen, meaning either detained or killed them; one is reportedly being treated at a hospital in Tel Aviv. Hareetz reports that the gunmen are Palestinian, “said to be disguised as ultra-Orthodox Jews” before opening fire.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened an emergency security meeting when informed of the incident. It is being called a terror attack.

The attack is likely one in a long line of terror attacks against Israel by Palestinians enraged over Israeli military incursion into Palestinian territory in the West Bank and Gaza, the discrimination toward and second-class citizenship status of Palestinians in Israel, and other issues.

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