The “Black War on Whites” is Another White Myth

Several weeks ago, in response to one of my writings critical of racist rhetoric, I received the following message from a stranger named “Jeff,” whom I can only assume is white:

All over America, Black on White Hate crimes, “Face Slashings in New York, The “Knock Out Game”, “Polar Bear Hunting”, Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa and Wisconsin State Fair, 10 to 14,000 Black on White Sexual Assaults every year, while White on Black Sexual Assaults are less than 10, drive by murders, assaults, riots, Flash Mob beatings the list is f*cking endless. The Black on White Intifada is the most underreported story in the history of this country.

Only Pat Buchanan, Colin Flaherty and Jack Cashill have the nerve to post the numbers and commentary which reveal a low level civil war in this country on whites, sponsored and supported by the President, the 4th Estate, Colleges and politicians. But oh dear!!!! Quelle Horreur!!! Harsh language is what the nation should focus on.

Shut the f*ck up you piece of sh*t.

I am still dead, in a local Black on White Hate Crime a couple of months ago, when two blacks walked up to me in my drive way while I was working on my truck and shot me in the back of the head. Harsh language my f*cking ass.

Whether or not other whites who today believe in the “Black on White Intifada” and “low level civil war” can relate to being shot dead months ago, this line of thinking is all too popular among extremely conservative whites.

These ideas are largely fictional, easily dispelled with even a cursory look at FBI and Justice Department data on crime, and clearly questionable from the outset considering America’s fairly segregated living arrangements. It also carries on a century-old white tradition of vilifying blacks as having an innately special appetite for rape, theft, murder, drug use, and so on.

Whites commit the most crimes in the U.S., quite predictable considering whites make up nearly 70% of the population, versus only 13% for blacks.

Looking at the FBI’s Crime in the United States report, in 2012 whites were charged with 69% of crimes, blacks 28%. Whites led in categories like rape (65%), assault (63%), and burglary (67%), while blacks led in murder charges (49%, a lead of 1%) and robbery (55%). More minor categories were dominated by whites. Looking at all violent crimes lumped together, blacks committed about 20% of them. If we look at mass shootings in America, some 64% of them were committed by whites since 1982, verses 16% by blacks.

Now to the important question of who is committing crime against whom:

In 2014, about 82 percent of murders involving white victims were committed by other white people, while only 14 percent were committed by black people, according to the FBI.

Among murders involving black victims, just under 90 percent were committed by other black people, while 7 percent were committed by white people.

Crime experts have concluded that homicides are most likely to occur among people of the same race because people are usually murdered by someone they already know, and most people primarily know people of their own race.

Blacks kill blacks 89.9% of the time, whites kill whites 82.3% of the time. A 7% difference somehow does not seem to merit the descriptors “Black on White Intifada” (intifada, by the way, is an Arabic word for uprising against oppressors — probably not a word whites who think that anti-black prejudice is fictional should use), “low level civil war,” or “the most underreported story in the history of this country.”

Looking at Department of Justice data from 1980 to 2008, the percentage difference rises slightly, to 9%. In this period, 84% of white victims were killed by whites, 93% of black victims were killed by blacks. This of course does not mean whites not killed by whites were exclusively killed by blacks, nor that blacks not killed by blacks were exclusively killed by whites. Offenders are sometimes other races — Asians, Hispanics, and so on. In reality, the rate of black-on-white murder was only about 5% higher than that of white-on-black murder:

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.58.57 AM

via Bureau of Justice Statistics

That there is only a 5% difference is foreseeable. Blacks tend to live and work with other blacks, whites with other whites. So for example, The Civil Rights Project in 2012 found that three-quarters of black students attend minority-majority schools. The most diverse Americans cities tend to be the most segregated. Thus whites tend to rape, kill, and steal from each other; blacks do the same mostly to other blacks.

This does not mean that reverse racism (anti-white racism) does not exist or cannot manifest itself in violence. Yet ultraconservatives take incidents of blacks intentionally targeting whites for crimes like assault (i.e., the “Knockout Game”) and say there’s an “intifada” or “war” being waged! (And of course they use trends that don’t neatly fit a black-on-white narrative: “Face Slashings in New York” actually seem diverse, with black victims and Hispanic attackers, even if a black man did credit his victim’s white race as a motivating factor for an attack.)

FBI data from 2014 shows about 63% of hate crime victims were targeted due to their blackness, 23% targeted due to their whiteness. There were 701 anti-white incidents, 145 committed by other whites, 337 by blacks. There were 1,955 anti-black incidents, 57 committed by other blacks, 1,165 committed by whites. In other words, 48% of anti-white hate crimes are committed by blacks, while 60% of anti-black hate crimes are committed by whites. Clearly, calling 337 black hate crimes in a nation of 200 million whites a “war” reeks of hyperbole — and of course, the fact that whites were guilty of three and a half times more hate crimes will be politely ignored.

In a nation like the United States, it seems understandable that reverse racism would exist. This is not to excuse it, but to explain it. Most blacks are well aware of the realities of modern anti-black discrimination, documented elsewhere on Weekend Collective:

Resumes with “black” names are 50% less likely to earn an interview than identical ones with “white” names… Blacks are less likely to be offered a quality home loan than whites with the same (sometimes worse) qualifications and income levels. Whites receive better medical care than blacks with identical diagnoses, medical histories, healthcare coverage, and so on. Blacks even earn, on average, less than equally qualified white workers in the same occupational positions.

Blacks are more likely to receive longer prison sentences and the death penalty than whites who commit the same crimes. They are more likely to be pulled over and searched while driving lawfully than whites driving lawfully. Unarmed Americans killed by police are usually twice as likely to be black than white. Unsurprising, as experiments show whites in simulations are much quicker to shoot both armed and unarmed blacks than armed and unarmed whites…

About 60% of whites will openly admit to trusting negative stereotypes about lower intelligence, higher aggression, and greater laziness in blacks. 25% of whites say an ideal neighborhood would be free of them. Nearly 90% of whites hold subconscious anti-black biases.

That is on top of a barbaric history of oppression:

There was the savagery of slavery: kidnapping, hunger, torture, execution, degradation, and rape. After the Civil War, white employers refused to pay blacks the same wages as whites, or hire them for more skilled, higher wage positions; white banks refused to provide home loans to blacks; school districts gerrymandered attendance zones to keep black and white schools distinct; white businesses fled from budding areas of black commerce; white producers charged black stores more for goods.

White residents fled from black neighbors; white real estate agents steered blacks far away from nicer homes in white areas; white city councils, city planners, and developers refused to invest and build in black areas; white voters rejected tax increases that would benefit black schools and neighborhoods; white landlords refused to properly maintain property inhabited by black families; white doctors declined to treat black patients. Black history was nowhere to be found in standard history textbooks.

White policemen beat and abused blacks merely suspected of committing crimes against whites, but refused to investigate or prosecute black on black crime; white judges and juries handed black criminals longer prison sentences and more frequent executions; white terrorists shot, hung, burned, beat, mutilated and bombed innocent African Americans to keep them out of stores, schools, public facilities, neighborhoods, voting booths, and political positions. Peaceful protesters exercising First Amendment rights were attacked and killed by police and white vigilantes alike.

Again, this is not to excuse black-on-white hate crimes, but rather to show how history can explain present social conditions — how an ugly, oppressive past might cause a great deal of anger toward whites, whether personally guilty of prejudice and discrimination or not.

“But 13% of the population committing half the murders? How do you explain that barbarism?” some conservative whites will exclaim, inwardly confident that blacks are simply by nature more aggressive, violent, prone to murder and criminality.

These are also fictions. Higher black crime rates are a product of American race relations past and present. Whether black or white, poverty breeds crime, as any study of history conclusively demonstrates. And American blacks have been and are disproportionately poor — four times more likely to grow up poor than whites.

The American landscape is characterized by crime-ridden slums in inner cities dominated by minorities surrounded by wealthier white suburbs. It isn’t exactly a stretch of the imagination to suppose, as the American Psychological Association shows, that children who grow up in poverty are more likely to experience high-stress homes, absent parents, abandonment, displacement, homelessness, hunger, violence and sexual abuse, exposure to alcoholism, drug use, and crime, poor health, depression, developmental delays, decreased concentration and memory capabilities, and a host of other health problems — all issues that contribute to crime rates.

Attorney General Ramsey Clark put it best:

Mark the part of your city where crime flourishes. Now look at the map of your city. You have marked areas where there are slums, poor schools, high unemployment, widespread poverty; where sickness and mental illness are common, housing is decrepit and nearly every site is ugly–and you have marked the areas where crime flourishes… Poverty, illness, injustice, idleness, ignorance, human misery, and crime go together. That is the truth. We have known it all along. We cultivate crime, breed it, nourish it. Little wonder we have so much.

Denying this truth perpetuates racist myths. As I wrote in an article on how black poverty keeps white racism alive: “If one cannot accept that our history led to disproportionate poverty, which led to disproportionate crime, the only alternative is to attribute black crime to innate deviancy and bloodlust.”   

I told “Jeff” that if our places had been reversed — if whites had been enslaved, oppressed, and impoverished in the manner blacks were (and to a dangerous extent are) — it would be whites disproportionately poor and thus disproportionately committing certain crimes.

Obviously, any other belief flirts with very old, racist ideas about blacks being fundamentally inferior to whites.

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